Batsuit Photoshoot – With Upgrades and Alterations!

Hey everyone,

So it’s been a while since I posted, life has gotten in the way.

I’ve also been upgrading and altering my Batsuit, and decided to take some photos to show it off a bit.

The changes I made are:

*Trimmed the bottom of the cape so the height fits me better;

*Sewed the top of the cape so that the neck part is fitted to my neck;

*Got rid of the snaps I previously used to close the gauntlets as they didn’t allow for adjustments to be made and were a little loose;

*Installed side-release buckles in place of the snaps in the gauntlets;

*cut and Velcroed some thinner urethane arm wraps to work as the undersides of the gauntlets so they would look more finished and professional; And

*Bought a new custom belt (from Valor over at the RPF).

So, here is the photoshoot:

So there ya go!

I’ll be competing in the Andrometa Cosplay Competition in my home town of Canberra, if I can get photos from someone who attends I’ll post them next.

I’m So Keen For It!

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