Rant (sort of): David Ayer Is Murdering DC Comics

Oh boy.

So a few more pictures have leaked from various sources showing the production of
the Suicide Squad movie.

01 Jared Leto - Grill

02 Jared Leto - Tattoos Confirmed

They confirm that the Joker definitely does have the grill and the tattoos in the

My theory has been disproven. Normally I would rant about it, and talk for two or
three thousand words about how annoyed I am, but at this point I am speechless, so
I will instead express my feelings using the following pictures:

Adam DeMamp Andy Sadberg George Michael Sad Homer Sad Jake Sad Jim Carrey Sad NO Patrick Sad Pikachu Sad R2-D2 Sad Sad Batman Sadbot Spongebob Sad Steve Carell Dead Inside Tennant in the Rain Tobey Sad

Nice one, David Ayer.

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